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The Buying Process Made Easy

1. Hire a Realtor.

The first step is to select a Realtor to help you find your dream home and fine-tune your financial goals. Working with a buyer agent is worth consideration since they are legally responsible for representing the buyer's interest in a real estate transaction.

2. Shop for a mortgage.

A difference of even half a percentage point can mean a big savings over the life of a loan. be sure to compare closing costs and fees you are being quoted. Make sure you know who you are dealing with and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Once you select a lender, get a good faith estimate of costs.

3. Pre-qualify for the loan.

Your third step should be to get pre-qualified, which determines how much you can afford. It allows you to move swiftly when you find the right home, especially when there are other interested buyers. It also indicates to the seller that you are serious and really can afford to buy the property.

4. Determine what you want.

The next step is to create a realistic idea of the property you'd like to buy. What features are most important to you? make a list of what you would like in the home and then separate those into things you need or things you want. Keep working on the list as you go. often times your expectations will change as you are looking at property. It is also helpful to search online to see what is currently available on the market.

5. Visit properties.

Now you're ready to go look at houses.

6. Rate the houses you tour.

After looking at each home, take notes of what you liked and didn't like. Develop a system that will help narrow the field down. For example, keep updating your favorite hose as you go then keep an order of preference. Your favorite house on day one may be down to number three at the end of day two. keep updating and eliminate the ones you don't care for as you go.

7. Make an offer.

Once you've targeted your dream house, it's time to start working on the financial and contract side of the purchase.

8. Arrange for a home inspection.

Once your offer is accepted, it's time to set up a home inspection. It's very common to find minor and major problems, including leaky roofs, cracked walls, insect infestations and foundation problems. I can help you find a certified home inspector who will do a complete a thorough examination of your home. If you choose to request repairs during the inspection period, we will do a final walk through prior to closing to insure all the agreed upon repairs have been completed. You may also consider a home protection plan, which may save you money in the near future.

9. Close.

Before your closing you will want to stay in close contact with your chosen lender to insure all of the necessary paperwork is complete. Your down payment and closing costs will need to be either wire transferred or a cashiers check for the final amount brought to closing with you. Don't forget to bring you drivers license to closing.

10. Prepare your new home.

Consider some moving basics: arranging for an alarm company, connecting electricity, water, gas, telephone and trash collection. Cleaning or replacing the carpet, painting or any major renovations are often easier to accomplish before you move in. 

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